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Purpose-built for Efficiency and Long-Term Security

Custodius provides your firm with the tools and the facilities to better serve your clients.

Long Term Document Storage

Document Registration, Tracking and Search 

Clients pay a one-time fee for lifetime storage

Transfer legal liability for stored wills to Custodius.

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Lawyers Can Transfer Any Volume of Wills to Custodius

Custodius provides a secure, practical, and affordable will storage as the final step in the estate planning process, so you don't have to. 


 We'll work with you to make the transfer process simple and easy.

Simplify the safe and secure transfer of your will bank.
Transfer the cost and liability for stored wills to Custodius.
Your dashboard gives you instant access to all your client records.
Will Storage at a Law Firm


There are many ways that lawyers organize their Will bank - everything from advanced cloud-based databases to index cards. Schedule a meeting with us to hear how you can upgrade your system, better organize your documents, and offer safer long-term storage at an affordable price.

Administrative burden of will storage


The Lawyer's Guide to Storing & Registering Wills with Custodius

Ann T.
Law Clerk

As a Wills Law Clerk, keeping track of the exact location of every will is very important to me. Registering our clients with Custodius is so quick and easy, and our clients love how simple it is to confirm their information to have their wills stored. Clients also love the email they get once their will is in the vault. Using Custodius is so much easier than trying to manage in-house will storage, and no more responding to will search requests frees my time up to do other things.

Alain G.

Business Advisor

Custodius' model for will storage is an elegant solution to a serious problem that many lawyers and their clients haven't given enough consideration. It's better for the lawyer, better for the client, and ensures wills are kept safe in the long-term.

John D.


Having Custodius be the place keeping our estate planning materials safe and accessible was the easiest part of the whole process. We found the registration process simple and gave peace of mind that it would support our estate wishes for the future. 

Angela F.

Wills and Estates Lawyer

Custodius is exactly what I want for my clients. It was easy to implement, I don't have the costs of storing wills, and wills aren't going home with clients to be lost. It saves time for me and my team, and I know I can trust them.

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