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Partner with Custodius to

Enhance Your Client Service.

Shift the cost, time, and liabilities of will storage to Custodius while enhancing your relationship with your client.

Running Out of Space?

Custodius has room for all of your wills.

There are many ways that lawyers organize their Will bank - everything from advanced cloud-based databases to index cards. Schedule a meeting with us to hear how you can upgrade your system, better organize your documents, and offer safer long-term storage at an affordable price.

Outsource the Hassle:
Let Custodius Handle Your Willbank

Reduce Your Costs
and Liability

Custodius gives your clients dependable long-term storage and lets you focus on what you do best—practicing law.

Secure &

Say goodbye to storage headaches. Our state-of-the-art facilities have set the new standard for long-term document storage. Your clients deserve it!

Efficient & Accessible

With your personal Custodius dashboard, your entire willbank is at your finger tips. Access your stored wills whenever you need them without the clutter.


Whatever problems you're having with will storage, Custodius has a solution tailored to the needs of legal professionals.

Custodius Vaults are Designed for Long-Term Document Storage

Following ISO guidelines for the archiving of valuable documents, Custodius employs modern security measures, gas and powder based fire suppression, pest prevention, as well as temperature- and humidity-control to optimize document lifespan and give peace of mind. Even if the lawyer has retired, moved or died, the client's will is easily retrieved.

Using Custodius is so much easier than trying to manage in-house will storage, and no more responding to will search requests frees my time up to do other things.

Ann T.

Law Clerk

Custodius' model for will storage is an elegant solution to a serious problem that many lawyers and their clients haven't given enough consideration.

Alain G.

Business Advisor

Custodius is exactly what I want for my clients. It was easy to implement, I don't have the costs of storing wills, and wills aren't going home with clients to be lost.

Angela F.

Wills and Estates Lawyer

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