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Clients signing a will with their lawyer
Clients signing a will with their lawyer


The Modern Willbank
For Your Firm

Shift the cost, time, and liabilities of will storage to Custodius while enhancing  your relationship with your clients.

Secure for the Long Term

Maintaining paper documents for decades requires special attention to detail. In addition to secured fireproof vaults equipped with gas and powder-based fire suppression, our facilities are temperature and humidity controlled. We meet ISO standards for long-term document archiving. 
Clients are feeling peace of mind because will is safely stored.

As seen in

Partnering with Custodius ensures that your clients’ original, signed paper wills are securely stored, safe and easy to find for the years until they're needed.

A lawyer who is relieved from the cost and stress of storing wills at her law firm.
Lawyer working with client to arrange safe storage of their will
Our mission is 'No More Lost Wills.' The Custodius database can be freely searched by any Canadian lawyer. When your client dies their executor doesn't need to remember who their lawyer was, or find-out who that lawyer passed their will bank on to. When they search our database they don't just find when a will was registered - they find the will.

Affordable and Accessible

Many firms underestimate the liability of providing will storage to their clients. When you partner with Custodius, we take on the responsibility for keeping the will safe and secure for the decades until it's needed. 

We provide a succession plan for your client's wills so you know they will be safe for the long-term.

A Partner You Can Trust

Lawyer takes on responsibility of ensuring that wills are secure for the decades until they are needed.
Secure will storage facility


of testators chose Custodius over home storage. 

The Old Way

Wills were sent home with clients, where they were lost, stolen, tampered-with or accidentally destroyed.

Lawyers offered free will storage, taking on the costs of fireproof filing cabinets, office staff, and the costs of administering the will bank.

Law firms took on the liability of keeping the will secure for decades, and ensuring they could produce the will when the executor looked for it.

When they retired, lawyers would ask another firm to take responsibility for their will bank...and so on, and so on.

Custodius is the New Way

Wills are stored in secure, fireproof facilities that are optimized for long-term document storage.

Customers pay a single, affordable on-time fee for lifetime storage where their will is easy to find.

Custodius takes on all of the responsibility and liability for keeping the will safe and responding to searches.

The will stays in one place, safe and secure, for the decades until it's needed.

Reduce The Costs

The cost of will storage is paid with a one-time charge dispersed to the client, covering a lifetime of storage and saving you the expenses of fireproof storage, office space, and administrative time.

Reduce The Liability

You no longer carry the liability for storing wills or responding to will search requests. Custodius takes on those responsibilities for you and gives you a more robust succession plan for your client's wills.

Provide Better Service

We offer greater document safety with fire- and pest-proof vaults in secure, temperature and humidity controlled facilities. Our searchable database means No More Lost Wills.

As a Wills Law Clerk, keeping track of the exact location of every will is very important to me. Registering our clients with Custodius is so quick and easy, and our clients love how simple it is to confirm their information to have their wills stored. Clients also love the email they get once their will is in the vault. Using Custodius is so much easier than trying to manage in-house will storage, and no more responding to will search requests frees my time up to do other things.

Ann T.
Law Clerk

Custodius' model for will storage is an elegant solution to a serious problem that many lawyers and their clients haven't given enough consideration. It's better for the lawyer, better for the client, and ensures wills are kept safe in the long-term.

Alain G.

Business Advisor

Having Custodius be the place keeping our estate planning materials safe and accessible was the easiest part of the whole process. We found the registration process simple and gave peace of mind that it would support our estate wishes for the future. 

John D.


Custodius is exactly what I want for my clients. It was easy to implement, I don't have the costs of storing wills, and wills aren't going home with clients to be lost. It saves time for me and my team, and I know I can trust them.

Angela F.

Wills and Estates Lawyer


Partner with Custodius to

Enhance Your Client Service.

Shift the cost, time, and liabilities of will storage to Custodius while enhancing your relationship with your client.

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