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Isn't it time to take your will services to the next level?

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Why Choose Custodius?

Why Choose Custodius?

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Higher level of document security

Custodius vaults have state-of-the-art security systems, gas and dry-powder fire suppression and climate control to optimize document preservation

Document Tracking

Will envelopes are QR coded and scanned through their journey so you know the will's location at all times

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Our will database is searchable by any Ontario lawyer, ensuring your clients' documents can be found even if you aren't still around.

Free your self of the cost and liability

while ensuring your clients' wills are well taken care of.

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Join Us!

Join the progressive group of lawyers whose clients secure their wills with Custodius.


Peace of mind while being freed of the costs and liabilities of will storage.


Safe, Secure, Searchable with Custodius

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