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Get Your Copy of The Lawyer's Guide to Storing & Registering Wills with Custodius

Information for Estate Planning Lawyers

Custodius is Ontario’s only storage service specifically for paper Wills. It’s a centralized, modern solution for keeping your clients’ most recent original wills organized, searchable and retrievable.


Custodius provides a secure, practical, and affordable will storage as the final step in the estate planning process.


If you are an Ontario lawyer who drafts Wills and other estate planning documents, request The Lawyer’s Guide to Storing & Registering Wills with Custodius and get complete details on:

  • Our hassle-free process for securely moving any currently stored wills from your premises to Custodius – including transfer of legal liability from you to Custodius.

  • How Custodius makes the will registration and storage experience easy and hassle-free for your clients.

  • How Custodius facilitates a quick and reliable will search and retrieval process for lawyers and clients.

  • To learn about the other benefits Custodius offers, please request a free copy of The Lawyer's Guide to Storing and Registering Wills with Custodius.

How It Works

How It Works

Storing Individual Wills:
How Secure Registry and Storage Works 

Securely storing newly-drafted wills with Custodius is easy.
Here's a summary of how it works.

  1. Your staff initiates the process by registering your client online. You can chose to complete payment for future disbursement or leave it to the client.

  2. A confirmation email is sent to your client, with a link to complete the registration.

  3. You receive a prepaid courier package to ship the Will directly to one of our secure facilities.

  4. Your client and firm receive an email confirming safe arrival and storage of the Will.

With your client's will now safely in storage, their account is added to your private will bank database, which is searchable and sortable by you at anytime.


Your firm now enjoys all the benefits of Custodius, including:

  • Annual business development​

  • A personalized searchable online will bank database, and

  • Instant search and retrieval features

Transferring Your Current Wills
in Storage to Custodius

Lawyers can batch transfer any volume of wills to Custodius.

While Custodius lets you register newly written wills at any time, you can also batch transfer your current wills in storage to our secure storage facility. Whether you have 10 wills or 10,000 wills in storage, Custodius works with you to make the process as painless as possible. 


Working with you, or a staff member from your office, Custodius will help with:

  • Communications from your office to each of your will clients offering Custodius will storage, or alternatively, of retrieving their currently stored will into their own care.

  • Obtaining consent and handling payments from clients who choose Custodius.

  • Transferring responsibility for stored Wills from your firm to Custodius.


There are many ways that lawyers organize their Will bank - everything from advanced cloud-based databases to index cards. For more information on our will transfer service, schedule a meeting with us so that we can understand your current situation and discuss how to best arrange Custodius storage for your Will bank. 

Get Your Copy of The Lawyer's Guide to Storing & Registering Wills with Custodius

Our Customer Services team can help.

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