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Where is my Will stored?

First your Will goes to the Custodius processing centre in Kingston, Ontario, then off to one of the Custodius vaults (depending on where in the province you live). Our vaults are all located in Ontario and have advanced security systems as well as protection from theft, humidity, fire, water, and pests. We know your Will may need to last several decades, and we take its protection seriously.

Why should I use Custodius instead of just keeping my Will at home?

Peace of mind. Your executor will require your original signed paper Will to administer your estate. No copies or electronic versions will do.


Wills stored at home are at risk of damage by fire, flood, humidity or pests. They can be stolen, or changed. As we age we may lose capacity or downsize and lost wills become a reality.


A will search on the Custodius website is simple with immediate results.

Knowing your Will is safe and available when needed protects your legacy and gives peace of mind to you and those you love.

Can’t I just use a safety deposit box?

NO! A safety deposit box can be a “catch-22” situation. In most cases, your executor must have the original Will document before the bank will allow access the safety deposit box. But if the original Will is in the box…well, you can imagine the email chain. You might as well lock the key to the safety deposit box in there too!

These situations may require a court order, which means extra time and legal fees. 

What if I want my Will back, or if I want to change my Will? 

You can exchange your Will with a new one at any time. To make sure no one can fraudulently access it, all retrievals are done through a lawyer. If you update your will, your lawyer sends the new will to Custodius (even if you use a different lawyer) and it replaces your old will for the cost of shipping and handling. You only pay the storage fee once.

How does my executor access my Will?

When you die, your executor can work through any Ontario lawyer to retrieve your Will. Custodius will courier your Will to the lawyer, who will confirm your death and the identity of the executor before releasing the Will. 

More questions? We have more answers!
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