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Securely store your will with Custodius.

Retrieve it anytime.


Why Choose Custodius?

Why Choose Custodius?

Why Choose Custodius?

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About Custodius

Custodius is Ontario’s only combined will storage and registry service, delivering a wide range of benefits to individuals with wills and will-drafting lawyers.


Our fireproof, flood-proof storage facilities provide a more secure alternative for individuals who currently store their wills in their home, with relatives, or in safety deposit boxes – each of which can cause considerable problems and delay during the estate administration process.

For Individuals


Help ensure your estate is distributed as you intend.

Formally and securely storing your paper will is the best way to ensure that it remains protected and available when needed.


Make your will easy to locate and retrieve.

When your will is stored with Custodius, anyone can search the registry and immediately see that your will is safely stored, but only specified individuals can obtain access. 


Preserve harmony among your loved ones.

A missing will leaves many unanswered questions for your loved ones. Without a will, the laws of intestacy take effect, which are unlikely to align with your wishes. 


Preserve and protect the funds in your estate.

When a will is missing, the additional costs required to administer an estate can add up exponentially. An estate without a will can be diminished paying additional legal and administrative costs.

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