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secure storage vault
 "Our mission: safeguard your legacy."

Legacy Guardians

Custodius was established in 2021 to deal with the persistent problem of  Will storage. Founded by Angela Fallow, an experienced Wills and Estates lawyer, Custodius addresses the problems experienced by many of her clients and the clients of her peers: How do you safely store a Will that is often not needed for decades, in a way that keeps it safe and easy for the executor to find? 

Custodius is an online platform for Ontario lawyers and their clients to coordinate safe storage of the physical paper Will.  Our database is easily searchable, ensuring Wills stored with Custodius can be found when they're needed.


Our facilities are designed for long-term document storage. Advanced security measures, fire suppression, pest prevention, temperature and humidity control optimize document lifespan and give peace of mind. Even if your lawyer has retired, moved or died, your Will is easily retrieved.

You work hard to create a legacy.  Our mission is to safeguard that legacy.

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